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Since 2008, Kazoo has brought unique solutions to technology marketing, software strategy, and e-commerce.
Trusted Strength in Online Strategy & eCommerce

We have helped hundreds of clients improve their business strategy, streamline marketing programs, plan communications and target their messaging.

We bring 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and management in the online and technology industry, based on a background in Fortune 100 tech industry marketing, top-tier industry analyst firms, combined with extensive startup expertise.

Solutions for Home or Business

In addition to a strong background in the online and tech industry, we bring hands-on experience from running our own e-commerce businesses in both B2B and B2C spaces.

Online Guidance

Be early. Be unique. Center on customers.

Our philosophy is to help grow businesses based on customer-focused, unique strengths that can drive early adoption of new ideas and capabilities, novel business models, or simply new ways of approaching traditional segments.


We can help you plan and grow your online business also.

Towards Exceptional Solutions

We can help you explore how to position truly unique solutions for your customers. We do this by applying our proprietary 7-step marketing strategy process to help youuncover the best value proposition and USP to grow your business.


Partner to Solopreneurs & Online/TechBusinesses Around the World

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We are always interested in learning more about solutions and needs.  Contact us to explore how we can work together.

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