About Kazoo

Joanna Lees has spent almost twenty years in the technology industry, in roles from marketing and services sales at a Fortune 100 technology leader, big data software industry enabling, IT industry analyst, to business and marketing coach for a variety of software and technology companies of all sizes, from startups to market leaders. 

Joanna started her career with a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Princeton University, and spent a few years as a postdoctoral research scientist at the University of Chicago, before joining Intel Corporation's Supercomputing group in 1994. There she evangelized the benefits of high performance computing to scientists and users at universities and national labs.

After that, Joanna led the software marketing and enabling efforts of Intel in preparation for the launch of the Intel Itanium 64-bit platform, working with early-adopter software companies large and small, from Microsoft and Oracle to small software startups.

During the dot com boom, Joanna was responsible for Intel's software enabling programs with business software vendors in the data management, data analytics and visualization space, partnering with bleeding-edge software firms to highlight the capabilities of Intel's latest PC platforms for Information Management & Knowledge Discovery. 

In 2001, Joanna joined Intel's small IT professional services organization, Intel Solution Services, spending eight years as a services sales manager and then a practice manager, growing Intel's presence in IT services from the ground up in the US Central region, with responsibility for sales, evangelism, strategy and marketing of Intel's consulting services capabilities.

After leaving Intel, Joanna worked as a research analyst for the Research Board, Gartner Group's elite research organization that focuses on proprietary market research for CIO's of some of the world's largest enterprises.  She authored and presented research studies on Big Data & Business Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Mobility, and IT Infrastructure Complexity.

For the past five years, Joanna has been coaching software, technology and IT services clients in marketing, big data / data science strategy, and business planning.

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