Marketing strategy that drives results

At Kazoo, we help B2B technology and solutions companies improve their marketing, increase sales, and build their businesses through effective marketing strategy using our proprietary 7-step marketing process. 

Our clients differentiate themselves from their competition by targeting their business strategy, understanding their marketplace, refining their market positioning, and communicating effectively to their target audience.

We deliver this through our unique 7-Step Marketing Toolkit program, as well as consulting and coaching services, templates, tools and other information that give our clients the edge to win their niche.

Our Services & Expertise

  • Marketing Strategy Assessment

  • Marketing Strategy Coaching

  • Marketing Plan

  • Marketing Management

  • Messaging

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Go-to-Market Plan

  • Website Planning

  • PR Plan

  • Press Releases

  • Market Feasibility Studies

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Business Planning, Strategy & Monetization


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Why Kazoo?

The kazoo is a musical instrument that magnifies the user's humming.  But the sound from the kazoo is only as melodious as the player's humming.

That's very much like marketing - you need to start with harmonious positioning, and then magnify your message with a strong marketing strategy and plan.

At Kazoo, we can help you create harmony with your brand, and strengthen and target your marketing to make a buzz.

So talk to us. We can make sure your marketing strategy drives real business results.